His Majesty’s 16th Regiment of Foote 

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The recreated 16th Regiment of Foote is a group of American Revolutionary Reenactors in Arkansas that reenact as a British Line Regiment from 1776-1781.

Our Purpose: 

The 16th Regiment of Foote is a living history unit representing the daily life of one of the British Army's regiments as it appeared during the Gulf Coast campaign of the American Revolution.

From the King:

As of July 8th, mad King of Spain, King Carlos III has authorized all his subjects to attack anyone who will not swear allegiance to him.  Our Glorious King George III is asking that we British and American subjects defend our Gulf Coast Region from the Spanish aggressors at all cost. The 16th Regiment of Foote is seeking new recruits to throw back these Spanish invaders.

God Save King G

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military bands - Coldstream Guards -The British Grenadiers
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